Windmills are a symbol of the island resulting from bygone times when the Graciosa Island was considered the “Azores Barn” for its extensive production of cereals.

Nowadays, the mills no longer have their original use and many were adapted as housing. The Mó da Praia was one of the last mills to grind cereals on the Island.


Rua dos Moinhos de Vento, 16 - Rochela

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The name given to the mill (Mó da Praia) refers to an indispensable artifact to the miller activity (the “Mó” – millstone) and also to its excellent location next to the only beach with sand in all the Graciosa Island, in the village of São Mateus (Praia – Beach), located at the foot of Caldeira da Graciosa (Graciosa Caldera).

This project began in 2009 with the purpose of preserving the most of the architectural features of the mill. There were also recovered some pieces and utensils used in the milling activity for future memory.

On the mill body you have one double bedroom on the first floor and one bunkbed on the second floor.

The recovery process started by the dome (or cup), which was built by traditional processes by the last master of the island with the necessary expertise.

The old annex allowed the alternative of grinding without the use of wind, allowed the construction of access by internal stairs to the body of the mill. The annex has been expanded to contain the social area with modern features, composed by living room, kitchenette, toilet and a wind sheltered outdoor terrace. Next to the stairs you can see a section of the tunnel through which they passed the straps that connected the wheel motor to the grinding part, which was recovered and is on the ground floor of the mill on exhibition.

On the mill body you have one double bedroom on the first floor and one bunkbed on the second floor.

The Graciosa Island probably owes its name to its enchanting landscapes, gently rolling, marked by small clusters of low mountains, hills and scattered small volcanic cones, where the vast majority does not reach the 100 meters of altitude.

One of the symbols of Graciosa is undoubtedly the windmills, in Dutch style, with their peculiar red roofs (domes) onion-shaped, considered the most beautiful of the archipelago, especially when its sails are unfurled, which unfortunately do not see much today. Not long ago there were about 30 mills, some of which have been restored in recent times for housing and there are still three or four to work, one of them recovered by the Graciosa Museum for visits.

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