About Us

TURIHAB, located in Ponte de Lima, Northern Portugal, was founded in 1983. Ten years later, when it organized the First National Meeting of Turismo de Habitação, it created the brand Solares de Portugal.

TURIHAB received the Prize of the European Year of Tourism (1990), the Gold Medal of Tourism Merit, and the European Tourism and Environment Prize, and the honorable mention Architectural Heritage (1995). It received European Commission mention, Towards Quality Rural Tourism - Integrated Quality Management of Rural Tourist destination. (1999); it received from the Association of Tourism Journalists, the prize of Tourism Personality (1999), and the Federation of European Journalists Prize, for its European Web Project - Europe of Traditions. (2002).

The certification of TURIHAB, CENTER (2005), with the ISO9001:2000, and the Solares de Portugal network with the ERS3001:TER (2006) and with the NP4494 (2011) underlines our total commitment to implementing the strict regulations that govern tourist country accommodation and reinforces our determination to maintain and continually improve our services that merit the AICEP - Marca Portugal. (2006).
To achieve and guarantee the quality offered by Solares de Portugal is the result of more than 25 years of effort of TURIHAB, its partners and, most of all, its association of owners without whom it would not be possible to create a national system of this nature and size. This commitment to providing high quality accommodation in distinctive family properties is reflected at the European Union level through the network “Europe of Traditions” (www.europetraditions.com) and in the South American Mercosul countries with the “Fazendas do Brasil” (www.fazendasdobrasil.com).

TURIHAB and ATA joined formally to develop a central booking CENTER. The Center has as its first objective the marketing and promotion of the brands. Solares de Portugal and Aldeias de Portugal. The high technology is used for the administration of reservations with the CENTERnet system and the advertising both brands at www.center.pt.

The logo of TURIHAB reflects the authentic and a personalized way to know the particularities of each region, its festivities, gastronomy, its customs and traditions, and includes the symbols of the pheasant (simplicity), the rose (beautiful and secret), gold (justice), silver (friendship), red (worthiness), and green (courtesy).