Resting in the Southern part of the Douro region, on lands that once belonged to the Cistercian Order, Quinta do Pinhô is a perfect retreat for anyone seeking peace and privacy.

Acquired by a Cistercian order in 1753, Quinta do Pinhô is an important historical mark of the region, managed and buit by monks until 1834. It has been awarded in 2016 by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for its commendable renovation.

Nowadays, the farm tells the tale of centuries long gone, but offers the comforts of modernity, in a house that gives visitors all the privacy and peace they desire.


  • 3 x Double - From 220.00€ / night
  • 2 x Duplo Sup. - From 295.00€ / night
  • 1 x Suite - From 325.00€ / night
  • 1 x Estudio - From 335.00€ / night


  • Central heating
  • Kitchen
  • Speak Spanish
  • Speak French
  • Speak English
  • Internet
  • Gardens
  • Fireplace
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wine Tasting
  • Meals on request
  • Conference room
  • TV


  •   Breakfast
  •   Wine Tasting
  •   Walking tours


Estrada do Pinhô, 130 – Salzedas

10638 AG

A fully equiped kitchen and bathrooms display the style of the past, while enjoying the comfort of the present. The monastic cells where monks once rested were transformed into larger, comfortable bedrooms, full of sunlight.

Imponent fireplaces warm the living rooms where guests can relax, read a book, or go online with the fastest fiber-based internet connection.

We offer more than just a peaceful retreat. From tourist routes, to harvests, to wine tasting, you can take full advantage of all the activities that Quinta do Pinhô has to offer.

Secluded from the hectic modern world, Quinta do Pinhô rests in the rich hills of the Douro, a well known world heritage site.

It’s a place to enjoy your privacy, to replenish your energies and breathe in the beautiful landscape around you.