In the heart of Minho, just 900 meters from the historic center of Ponte de Lima, Convento de Val’ Pereiras is a good starting point for discovering the charms of this Minho region.

With traditional architecture, this manor house was built in Quinta de Val Pereiras, at the foot of Monte de Santo Ovídio, on the ruins of an old Franciscan convent, built in 1360. The house and the surrounding space were recently restored by its current owner. The Castro Neves family set to work and, with imagination and creativity, added comfort to the already interesting set of two houses, accompanied by a warm family atmosphere. The houses house in the space destined to the guests, 9 double/twin rooms.

One of the main attractions of the farm is its swimming pool, hidden in the verdant historic garden, providing visitors with the ideal environment to relax.

On the farm, you can also visit the Convento's Vinho Verde agricultural area, whose vineyards give color and joy, throughout the seasons, to the property. For lovers of peace, walking, cycling or simply enjoying nature, this Quinta, with its own private chapel, has much more to offer.


  • 5 x Twin - From 125.00€ / night
  • 3 x Double - From 135.00€ / night
  • 1 x Familiar - From 159.00€ / night


  • Air conditioned
  • Parking
  • Speak English
  • Internet
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wine Tasting
  • Meals on request
  • Cards room
  • TV room


  •   Walking tours
  •   Walking
  •   Boat Rides


Rua de Vale Pereiras – Arcozelo


According to popular belief, St. Francis of Assisi, on his pilgrimage trip to Santiago de Compostela, passed through Ponte de Lima and the place Lugar d’Além da Ponte where he drank and rested next to a fountain, where later the convent of Friars Minor of Val de Pereiras was founded. It is not known for sure the date of foundation of the convent, but it is thought that it was in 1360, and in 1364 there were already living friars in an organized community. After the foundation of the convent of Santo António in Ponte de Lima by the 1st Viscount of Villa Nova de Cerveira, D. Leonel de Lima, in 1480 also for Franciscan friars, Pope Leo X gave authorization in 1515 for the passage of the Convent of Vale de Pereiras to a female convent for Poor Clares or Franciscans. They then came to live in the convent nuns of Santa Clara de Vila do Conde, being its first abbess D. Guiomar Ferreira da Maia. In 1834 the law that abolished the religious orders in Portugal had immediate and formal execution, being the religious expelled, the values and furniture inventoried. Shortly after, it was the fifth acquired by Brigadier Manuel Eleutério Malheiro, Senior Officer of the Portuguese Army. The buildings of the Convent are demolished, and a small country house is built in its place. Since that time the Convent has passed through the hands of several owners through inheritances and successive sales. In 1926, the Convent is acquired by Dr. António Barbosa Martins, from the city of Porto, being ordered to demolish all the old and modern buildings, leaving only the portal and the chapel standing, building a sumptuous country house. Changing owners again, the Convent is acquired by Ragna Martin, an English citizen, born in Oslo – Norway, then by Abílio Augusto de Sá Santos Lima and then in 1955, by the ANF to install the Pharmacist's House in the North. After years in the possession of ANF, this wonderful Quinta now belongs to the current owner, who renovated the spaces to show again the splendor of this property that is available to receive guests with all the comfort.