Casa de Santo António de Britiande is situated in the outskirts of the famous Douro Valley in Britiande itself, a village frequently featured in medieval documents. It is believed that the front of the house was built in the 16th century. The house has a 17th century adjoining chapel containing remarkable panels of azulejos (tiles), a nostalgic altar and a valuable ceiling in gilt carved wood. This manor house still keeps its memories of being a place of rest for the monks of the Ferreirim Convent (1,5km).

An atmosphere of quietness allows guests to have a timeless experience. Vine terraces, picturesque villages, traversed by centuries of traditions have shaped the unique beauty of this region and its charming culture.

An inviting swimming pool and pleasant cycling routes are some of the leisure opportunities at the guests' disposal.


  • 2 x Estudio - From 225.00€ / night


  • Bicycles
  • Chapel
  • Speak Spanish
  • Speak French
  • Speak English
  • Gardens
  • walking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wine Tasting
  • Meals on request
  • Conference room


Largo de São Sebastião - Britiande

193 TH

If you choose to stay in the famous Douro Valley, the Casa de Santo António de Britiande, five kms from Lamego in the village of Britiande, will take you back in time. The village is mentioned in medieval documents and the house was once the resting place for monks. It has a 17th century chapel adorned with tiles. There is a swimming pool and cycling.

In Solares de Portugal The art of good living , Edições INAPA, 2007


In the Route of Cistercian Vineyards / Medieval Routes, located between Lamego and Tarouca is Britiande, a village dating back to the times of the first King of Portugal.

The landscape is basically agricultural composed largely of fruit trees namely apple, pear and cherry in addition to the vineyards.

The House has its own Chapel and a 15th century façade. In ancient times, it was the retreat of Franciscan friars that came from the convent of Ferreirim to meditate and rest. It is part of the eight manor houses that existed in Britiande.

A family house since the 19th century being renovated in 1990 to what it is today.

As the legend goes, the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques in command of his troops walked through this village. The soldiers found nuts fallen on the ground, delaying their mission. The king ordered them crack and move. (Note: Britar (partir)=crack; Andar (move)=walk, giving the name Britande.)

Surroundings of Historical Interest

A pillory can be found in the front patio of the house.

Just down the road is the parish church, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture with its richly elaborated altar and 18th century frescos. Surrounding the village are some very nice chapels.

The manor houses are of particular interest, namely of the family Sá Pereira, Teixeira Rebelo and of course our own, Casa de Santo António, turned into Turismo de Habitação (Tourism in private houses).