An ancient XVII century watermill near river Estorãos and away from the hustle and bustle the city. Recovered with care to preserve the original characteristics of the old watermill


  • Central heating
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Speak Spanish
  • Speak French
  • Speak English
  • Gardens
  • Fireplace
  • walking



499 CC

The waters flowing down the Arga mountain range going through the pine tress, the vineyards and fields making small lakes where trout and lampreys hide from tourists and fishermen. The blue sky, the dark earth of the mountain, the green fields and the autumn colours of the vineyards and crops create veritable gardens that invite you for walks and to discover its mysteries, all in the middle of the Minho region.

It is on this bucolic land that we can find Azenha do Rei. We can find the wheel that with the help from the Estorãos River moved the mill and produced tons of the flour used to make the bread that fed the entire region.

When Azenha do Rei was repaired, two completely separated units with two bedrooms each where created. They can work completely independent from each other or together, these two units allow guests to enjoy the beautiful Estorãos River, that with the dam near the house, is inviting for leisure activities or to just read a book. For those that are more into sports this hidden Eden invites you to follow the rive into the mountains or to go walking on the mountain range.

With its stone covered walls its rooms and bedrooms acquire a rural and cosy environment. Ancient furniture, objects related to rural tasks and typical handcraft from Minho are all part of the decoration of all the houses and they create sensations of comfort and colour that rural life is so well known for.

To fall asleep with the silence of nature and to wake up with the wheel spinning on the river waters, to eat a breakfast with freshly baked bread and jams, so that after that one can go and discover the hidden secrets of the region.