Situated in the ‘Alvarinho’ wine-producing region, this noble manor has been owned by the Pita Palhares Antas Marinho family since 1500. It boasts a beautiful and elegant drive leading to the main entrance, flanked by two splendid ancient magnolias.

This imposing building with its beautifully furnished interior is a delight to behold, and its surrounding woodland offers a charming backdrop for afternoon strolls. The house grows the famous Alvarinho grapes and offers wine-tasting. There is a pleasant swimming pool.

Casa de Rodas is located 1Km far from Monção, allowing a nice visit to the village, within a cheerful and endearing region, through vine terraces and old traditions, places of pilgrimage and ancient legends.


  • 1 x Apt. x2 - Starting at 96.00€ / night
  • 5 x Double - Starting at 96.00€ / night
  • 4 x Twin - Starting at 96.00€ / night


  • Wine cellar
  • Chapel
  • Parking
  • Speak French
  • Speak English
  • Gardens
  • walking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wine Tasting
  • Cards room


Lugar de Rodas

Situated in the famous Alvarinho wine-producing region, this noble manor house has been owned by the Pita Palhares Antas Marinho family since 1500. It boasts a beautiful driveway leading to the grand entrance flanked by lovely Magnolia trees. The house is beautifully furnished and the surrounding woodland provides a charming backdrop for leisurely strolls. The house grows Alvarinho grapes and offers wine-tasting. There is a swimming pool.

In Solares de Portugal The art of good living , Edições INAPA, 2007


Casa de Rodas has always remained in possession of the same family.

Is located 1Km. far from Monção, inside a farm with the same name, in sub-region of 'Vinho Alvarinho'.

The owners, who, until 1836 maintained the male line of Pita's family, discendents of João Pita Ortigueira, Lord of D. Afonso V (1391-1438) Royal House, they were valuable Christ Order Knights, Lords of the Royal House, Judges of the Royal Rights in Caminha, standing out among others João Pita do Vale, Lord of the Royal House, Counter and Distributer of that town; who was the first to acclaim our King D. João IV in the year 1640 and protected the Fortress of Ínsua do Assédio, with his soldiers.

The House was burnt in 1658, at the time of the circle of Monção by the Castelhanos soldiers commanded by General Baltazar Rexas e Pantoja. Immediately was repaired by the owner Manuel Palhares Coelho, existing a blasonery with his arms in the ceiling of one of the rooms. The Chapel was restored in 1769.

In 1904 were connected two turrets closing the balcony.

In 1881, Bento Malheiro Pereira Pita de Vasconcelos, Lord of the Royal House, married with D. Maria Luísa de Faria e Távora Abreu e Lima, niece of the Count of Carreira, diplomate of gerat influence and preceptor of Princes D. Luís and D. Pedro V. Discending from Álvaro Ruiz de Távora, Lord of the Royal House, Knight Commender of Christ Order, known as Vianês, not only by his works in Viana as Ship Captain in India way; but also as defender against the pirete-ship on the shore.

Because of so many aids, our King D. Sebastião in 1576 granted him these benefits (among others): Factor-ship Manager, Alcayde, Procurator, Controller in the Baçaim Forteress Works. His son and grand-sons, they were granted in the Discovering Era as well. Also discending from Fernão Brandão, who, by his aids in Cafim and Azamor was granted with the Badge of S. João de Cabanas in Afife; and also discending from João Álvares Fagundes, donatary of New Land.