The house of Quinta de Vale Mourelos is located in the south bank of the river Tejo, next to the main road from Lisbon, in the area of Caparica -right next to the long sandy beaches and golf courses of Costa Azul .

This house has its origins in the 18th century, but it was restored according to the original design in order to offer guests an enjoyable stay. Besides its preserved interior, this delightful country house also honors the fulfilling of promises of unforgettable holidays.

Here, guests can choose between the cool water of the swimming pool or the entire beauty of an appealing region offering a wide variety of interesting leisure activities.


  • 1 x Apt. x2 - Starting at 96.00€ / night
  • 2 x Double - Starting at 96.00€ / night
  • 6 x Twin - Starting at 96.00€ / night


  • Parking
  • Speak Spanish
  • Speak French
  • Speak English
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Conference room


Rua António Calado, n.º 40

7145 TH

Located on the south bank of the River Tagus near Caparica, this 18th century house was remodelled to its original design to offer visitors an enjoyable stay. It has a swimming pool and close to the golf courses of the Costa Azul and its long sandy beaches.

In Solares de Portugal The art of good living , Edições INAPA, 2007


Quinta de Vale Mourelos has a nice manor house since the XVIII th century. It was built as a shelter for those who needed to go to the south bank of the river Tagus, running away from Lisbon and its epidemic diseases caused by the 1755 earthquake and its consequences spread in and around the city for about fifty years.

It is situated in the area of Caparica, well known by its large and beautiful beaches. Caparica received its designation, according to the legend, from the find of a cloak (capa) full of golden coins (rich = rica). Today you can't look for golden coins but the golden sun invites you to rest in this quiet treasure called Vale de Mourelos.

It has been carefully transformed and remodeled according to the original, and so it offers his visitors the quality standards of a Private Guest House and a pleasant stay.

It lies between the village and the countryside, right next to the beaches and golf fields of Costa Azul you can easily get, Lisbon - through the first and famous bridge between the two banks of the river Tagus, Almada, and to the Natural Park of Arrábida.