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Enjoy your next holiday or a long weekend… go for a walk, discover the unforgettable country side and the best of Portugal.

Enjoy a historic holiday

Anyone with a sense of history and a desire to discover the real Portugal cannot fail to be captivated by the treasury of experiences offered by the Solares de Portugal. Charm and ambiance takes hold of the imagination in many different ways.

They offer the magic and the tranquillity that will make the stress of everyday life a million miles away.

Relax with a good book under the shade of tree in bloom, the silence broken only by the sound of a distant church bell or the song of a bird.

Enjoy a family home, wake up with an excellent breakfast and discover the traditions of each region. Know the diversity and quality of the Portuguese gastronomy and wines. There are a various different activities programs such as fishing, hunting, massages, golf, tennis, swimming, canoeing, wine tasting, cooking lessons, gardening, work team, horsing or simply go for a walk.

… Use all your imagination and try a unique experience…

Solares de Portugal welcome you to the peace environment of Quintas e Herdades, the simplicity and comfort of Casas Rústicas or the great beauty heritage of Casas Antigas. They provide a range of different activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, wine tasting, horsing or go for a walk.

Peace and Tranquility Have a great holiday in Solares de Portugal 100 Manor houses, Farm houses, Estates and country homes who invites you to know the country side of Portugal, and enjoy the environment, the landscapes and the culture or just relax in the nature.

For whom wants to stay for long periods or to organize a special accommodation or activity Solares de Portugal are offering special conditions and prices frequently. Be attention to the promotions and packages presented on the CENTER website they will organize your vacation or just a long-weekend.

Also, to organise your dream holiday, a weekend, or a few days of rest, leisure or to be very active please contact, Tel: +351 258 931 750 – Email: info@center.pt – has an expert team and that is at your service to help you plan and organise your stay in Solares de Portugal.

Please contact CENTER – info@center.pt or Tel: +351 258 931 750,
the staff will support you in all arrangements for your vacations at Solares de Portugal.