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Solares de Portugal wants to promote quality tourism, so we created new thematic routes. The strategy has been driven by a determination to provide visitors with a quality experience in keeping with the special character and heritage of the buildings and the natural environment of the area..
The relationship between tourism, agriculture and other sectors in the local economy is increasingly important. Natural resources, cultural traditions, transport services and a whole range of tourism enterprises have an influence on the visitor experience, and in turn are affected by tourism impact. For these reasons, an integrated quality management approach to tourism is very relevant in rural areas.

Enjoy the Portuguese wines
Discover the Portuguese wine routes and learn about an art-form that has taken centuries to perfect. Wherever you are in the country, there’s a chance to find out about the people and places involved in making Portuguese wine. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. Lose yourself in the stunning landscapes of the wine-making regions: from the charming, verdant Minho where the vinho verde grapes grow on trellises, to the terraces of the Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world and home of the famous port wine. In Centro de Portugal region meanwhile, the wine routes run not through the countryside, but through towns.

Taste Portugal in 7 days
The gastronomy of Portugal is as rich and varied as its landscapes and heritage. It is important to remember that knowing Portugal through its wines and gastronomy is only one way to meet its people and share their daily life and experiences. What makes it very special is when families who have lived in these places for many generations and preserve traditions, pass on their knowledge and wisdom and receive you like one of their own.

Historic Gardens of Solares
Ramalho Ortigão the distinguished Portuguese writer and traveller wrote in the 19th century: "There’s nothing in the world more pleasant to a Lusitanian heart than travelling in Portugal". Undoubtedly there are innumerable cities, small villages, rivers, landscapes, gardens, across the country worth a visit by people looking for new experiences.

Golf in Solares
Golf is no longer an elitist sport. The number of people enjoying the game in their free time during the weekend or on vacation is rapidly growing. The reasons are not difficult the find. Beautiful surroundings, the benefit of exercise, the high level of concentration necessary and the social interaction that comes with the sport are the most obvious.

The heritage discovery
Portugal is a country with a rich patrimony and heritage inspired by many different cultures over the centuries as result of the maritime discoveries. It is natural therefore that a wide variety of aesthetic influences can be seen in our civil, religious and military architectural. Take our suggestion and discover some of this rich patrimony in a 7 days tour.

Discover the nature in Portugal
With nature as your travelling companion, pay a high-energy visit to our parks and hills.
Leave the beach behind and spend a completely different kind of day at some of the most stress-free places. Take a break from your holiday routine and enjoy a stroll along the footpaths and trails Walk around the park and discover a haven of genuine peace and quiet, far removed from the hustle and bustle that you typically find along the coast, and let yourself become immersed in the sound of silence.

Nature and traditions in Portugal
Portugal is a country blessed with an amazing variety of landscapes, customs, cuisine, and architecture. There’s genuinely something for everyone.
For nature lovers Portugal truly has it all. Start by spending some time in one of our many nature reserves, or exploring the local countryside. On foot, bike, or down river marvel at the dizzying variety of flora and fauna.

Centuries of history and identity
Come and discover the “Historical Portugal” - following routes that we’ve prepared for you trough Solares de Portugal. Over the centuries, this zone - the cradle of Portuguese identity – has served as a vital cultural crossroads and the setting for key historical facts.